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Fogra accreditation sets tone for customer success

Confirming its expertise in understanding and managing digital printing processes, Canon Europe – leader in imaging solutions – announces that its Customer Experience Center (CEC) in Poing, Germany, has achieved PSD (Process Standard Digital) certification from the respected German research and standards organisation, Fogra.
The accolade – which validates the capacity of a workflow to achieve consistently high print quality and accuracy – means that customers visiting the CEC can be confident of putting Canon’s Fogra-accredited technology through its paces in a real-life production scenario, with a true understanding of how replication in their own working environment could transform their business potential.
Canon undertook the Fogra certification process both as part of its customer-centric approach in getting ‘under the skin’ of print businesses to offer relevant and innovative solutions, and to maintain an independent endorsement of its expertise in professional services and software.
As well as the technology installed in the CEC’s production environment meeting international quality standards, a number of Canon colour specialists at the CEC are also certified by Fogra as Digital Print Experts. This means that they have the expertise to support customers in achieving the optimised production and colour consistency necessary to achieve PSD certification themselves. Not only can this offer customers a way to differentiate themselves from competitors, but with the certainty that their standards are consistently high, they will be free to focus on demonstrating the value they can bring, in turn, to their own customers.
“With the PSD certificate Canon shows their quality approach and their overall understanding of the output processes”, said Dr. Philipp Tröster, a physicist at Fogra. Fogra attested to the excellent knowledge and skills in digital printing and colour management of the CEC’s technology hub and pointed out: “The highly accurate colour fidelity of the Océ ColorStream 6000 achieved the highest rating, A, three times.”
“The PSD certification reconfirms the best-in-class quality of our continuous feed inkjet printers and demonstrates Canon’s capability to fulfil internationally recognised quality standards such as ISO/TS 15311,” said Jochen Schaeffner, Senior Colour Consultant at Océ Printing Systems.
“Through innovation, Canon strives to push the boundaries of output quality and open up new opportunities for our customers – that’s what our Customer Experience Center is all about,” said Peter Wolff, European Senior Director, Commercial Print Group at Canon Europe. “It was designed as an environment where customers are able to explore the future of digital printing, witness the print output process at its very best and thereby find the inspiration and expert one-on-one support to take their businesses to the next level.
“It’s essential that our customers’ needs remain central to the development and design of every new product and solution. That is why we are so pleased to have this independent
endorsement that our continuous feed inkjet printers deliver the same quality and accuracy in real production environments as they do during development and testing,” added Wolff.

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