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Durban’s Maehler to inspire at Canon SA Disabled Golf Open

Durban born and raised Emil Maehler continues to inspire young disabled people through his role as an ambassador of the South African Disabled Golf Association (SADGA) and will once again show, through his participation in the 2017 Canon South African Disabled Golf Open, that where there is passion, anything is possible.
Maehler will be amongst some of the world’s top disabled golfers competing in the tournament. In 2016, 30% of the field boasted single figure handicaps and more than half of the competitors have handicaps of 18 or lower.
“Emil Maehler is perhaps one of South Africa’s most inspiring young disabled golfers. A valued member of the SADGA family, he is also a very talented golfer and an inspiration to everyone he meets,” says Reinard Schuhknecht, Brand Ambassador for SADGA (South African Disabled Golf Association).
Maehler, diagnosed at birth with Spastic Cerebral Palsy, is physically disabled and due to the spasticity of his facial muscles he is unable to speak. Yet, he has never allowed his disabilities to hinder him. From a young age he has overcome many adversities and remained determined to live an active, productive life, working hard to overcome challenges and achieve his goals. He is able to walk and has the use of his right side. Although he isn’t deaf, he uses sign language and his iPad to communicate. A keen golfer, he boasts a handicap of 29.
A sociable young man, Maehler is known for his big, infectious smile. He takes his role as ambassador of SADGA very seriously and enthusiastically works to promote its programmes and golf events. He also helps with the Watches Unlimited Golf Day Fundraiser in KwaZulu-Natal, a fundraiser which is sponsored by his father, Bryan. Maehler will be joined at the 2017 Canon South African Disabled Golf Open by his fiancé Weroeshka, who will also be his caddie at the tournament.
The Canon South African Disabled Golf Open, will take place from the 15th to the 17th of May in Cape Town. Canon South Africa, which has been a proud sponsor of SADGA for many years, has proudly taken the reigns as the official sponsor of the South African Disabled Golf Open for 2017.
SADGA is recognised and respected for opening up a world of world of interaction, opportunities and competition for golfers with disabilities. In addition to the South African Disabled Golf Open, SADGA organises about 40 provincial golf days around the country each year, which culminate with the SADGA Provincial Challenge.

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